Arndt Recognized as April 2024 Employee of the Month
Melanie Arndt, CRC's April 2024 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Melanie Arndt, custodian at the Austin, Minnesota, office, who was selected as CRC’s April 2024 Employee of the Month!

Arndt, who has worked for CRC for 18 years, received a STAR Award card in April recognizing her for her efforts cleaning up the wetland area behind CRC’s Austin Center property. With Wal-Mart next door to CRC, staff often sees more than their fair share of litter on CRC’s property. In addition to cleaning the litter at CRC, Arndt took care of the wetland area while the water level was low. Thanks to the deer, snapping turtles, lizards, and woodchucks living in the area, it wasn’t the easiest of tasks but she made their home a better place to live as well as enhancing the beauty of the area. In her efforts, Arndt reflected CRC’s values of employee focused, continuous improvement, and community involvement.

“Throughout the years, Melanie has regularly battled against the onslaught of litter that blows our way from the shoppers of a local retailer,” said Kerry Wylie, senior contact center manager at the Austin Center. “To take the initiative to clean up the wetlands behind CRC not only benefits CRC and its employees, but the local wildlife as well as the Austin Community.”

In recognition of being a CRC Employee of the Month, Arndt received four hours of paid time off (PTO). She is also eligible for consideration for CRC’s 2024 Employee of the Year which will be selected by CRC’s management team in January 2025.

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