CRC’s Contact Center services are driven by live customer service representatives (CSRs) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. With CRC’s extensive investments in technology, its membership is able to utilize the most sophisticated information technology and telecommunications systems and services without separately having to incur substantial capital equipment. CRC’s 24/7 live call handling combined with IVR, line crew dispatch, and texting solutions make CRC the premier outage communications solution for the utility industry. At CRC, you can determine how our services best meets your organization’s needs.


We make it our priority to take care of your customers.

CRC’s key to providing better customer service is sophisticated call distribution, used to efficiently route each call according to utility and call type. Automated-number identification aids the process by immediately identifying callers prior to the call being answered. While CSRs handle most calls, CRC’s IVR system can provide custom outage greetings and automated outage-call processing during times of high call volume. The inbound call services CRC provides include:

Utility Outage Calls: Handling of power outages, partial power situations, emergency information, disconnected accounts, and more.

Consumer Service Calls: General consumer questions, special product/service information, or other customizable information can be relayed to your members 24 hours-a-day.

Billing Services: CRC can answer account/balance information, take payments and make payment arrangements with real-time billing information.

Propane, Natural Gas & Water Calls: Due to the high priority of these types of calls, CRC follows a detailed verification process to determine the urgency level and initiates the appropriate action.

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Our team of highly trained dispatchers coordinate the information to manage your outage event, all while our CSRs continue to take your outage calls. Our dispatchers are experienced in navigating the complexities of line crew assembly, dispatching, and, most importantly, safety, with continued communication and efficiency. Procedural instructions customized by your specific process guidelines will be followed to notify and dispatch an on-call crew via radio interconnect, satellite, cellular phones, and pagers. We provide your crew with a dedicated toll free number to route them directly to the dispatching team for direct crew check-in. With CRC, you have the peace of mind knowing your consumers and crews are in good hands so you can focus on getting the lights back on.

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Automated Callback Restoral Feature
Set up an automated callback to be sent to your consumers upon service restoral of their electric outage.

Dynamic Greetings
Although CRC strives to answer every call with an agent, technology is used during times of high call volume to expedite service for callers. When a utility experiences an influx of calls, instead of those calls getting blocked or placed on hold until a CSR is available to assist them, dynamic greetings come into play and gives each caller unique information specific to them, versus a standard utility message, assisting in completing the call quickly and efficiently all while keeping the customer informed.

PCI Compliance
Providing excellence service with live agents while protecting your customer's personal information is possible and easier than you think. CRC has achieved PCI compliance and provides member security solutions ensuring the utmost protection when taking payments over the phone.

Phone Notification System (PNS)
Automated pre-recorded messages are sent out simultaneously to unlimited consumers with any customizable message.

Outbound Surveys
Conduct live or automated product or service satisfaction surveys, purchase follow-ups, and more!

Consumer Notifications & Outage Texting
With today's technology, your customers expect information instantly. Be ahead of the game, let them know their power is out with a notification before they even call to report it. CRC continues to evolve with today's trends and wants to make your work easier while keeping your customers happy!

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CRC employs a team of full time, in-house developers and programmers for the specific purpose of keeping its contact center operation tightly integrated with the technologies used by electric utilities. CRC’s interface capability ranges from simply acquiring customer account information for the handling of a utility-consumer call to advanced dispatching diagnostics aided by real-time interoperability with outage management systems (OMS), SCADA, and advanced metering systems (AMI).

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Our Member Solutions and Support department is very instrumental to the success of CRC. This department provides training to new and existing members on our proprietary software, CRCLink, along with researching issues that may arise and finding a solution to fit both the utilities’ needs and CRC. In addition to these services, the Member Solutions and Support department monitors calls for all CSRs and Dispatchers to ensure quality and that policies are being followed.

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For more than 10 years, CRC’s members have trusted us to protect some of the most important infrastructure they utilize and maintain. And, over that period, CRC has assisted in protecting those remote assets by remaining vigilant and following best-in-class video verification protocols as a partner to the utility industry.

With CRC’s video verification monitoring products and services, you’ll find an affordable theft prevention solution. Our video verification services will not only provide you with video of the theft taking place, but also real-time apprehensions, not reruns on a DVR. Our operators are immediately notified of an attempted theft in progress and will dispatch proper authorities of a real crime in progress instead of a false alarm. Just one deterred theft pays for the entire system and you have peace of mind knowing that future thieves will be stopped in their tracks.

As concerns over reports of substation attacks rise, know that CRC has the tools and experience necessary to partner with you to protect your utility’s infrastructure. While CRC does not manufacture cameras or video verification systems, we do work with many of the security industry’s leaders and integrators. CRC can assist your company in choosing the systems that are right for you. When it comes to video verification for substation and remote asset security, consider CRC a consulting partner.

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