For more than 30 years, CRC has been providing professionally monitored security and life safety systems. We are passionate about safeguarding your company’s and end users' assets, properties, and employees. We leverage intelligent technology, smart automation, and unmatched professional monitoring. CRC proudly holds the highly esteemed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification - a true mark of excellence in the industry. Additionally, CRC is an esteemed member of The Monitoring Association (TMA), attaining the prestigious TMA Five Diamond Certificate in early 2011. This outstanding achievement reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier alarm-handler training, a distinction held by fewer than 10 percent of central stations in the United States.

Real people providing real-time peace of mind, emergency dispatch, customer support, and priority response.       


CRC's core function is to protect your subscribers. We achieve this by implementing a redundant infrastructure that is meticulously configured and thoroughly tested, guaranteeing meaningful results.


We understand the gravity of the situation and strive to provide exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond. Your safety is our priority.


CRC’s UL-listed alarm monitoring center is a Five-Diamond certified operation by The Monitoring Association (TMA).


Providing professionally monitored security and life safety systems.

At CRC, we pride ourselves in providing reliable, affordable security alarm monitoring services for businesses of all sizes. With our expertise in fire, burglary, and environmental alarm systems, we understand that every alarm dealer is unique. That's why we collaborate closely with you to customize services that meet the specific needs of your customers and alarm technicians.

Our efficient system allows us to promptly determine the status of alarm codes and zones, and notify designated responders within seconds. In addition, CRC offers supervised and unsupervised opening/closing services, along with automated testing.

Experience seamless security alarm monitoring with CRC - your trusted partner in the industry.

Fire Alarm monitoring is the vital operation that constantly tracks the status of smoke and CO detectors in homes and businesses. With millions of protected structures across the United States, these detectors play a crucial role in creating safer living and working environments. In the unfortunate event of a fire, there may not always be someone present or conscious enough to escape the danger of smoke inhalation. This is where CRC steps in as the leading provider of commercial and residential fire alarm monitoring. With a proven track record of delivering the fastest event response in the industry, we prioritize your safety.

At CRC, we understand the concerns surrounding substation attacks and we have the expertise and tools to be your reliable partner in protecting your utility's infrastructure. While we don't manufacture cameras or video verification systems ourselves, we collaborate with industry leaders and integrators to provide you with the right systems tailored to your needs. When it comes to video verification for substation and remote asset security, consider CRC as your trusted consulting partner. Let's explore the benefits of video monitoring:

Prevention - Deterrent Against Criminals
With our interactive video monitoring platforms, our operators can directly address potential perpetrators through audio recordings or two-way communication from the camera. This serves as a strong deterrent against criminal activities.

Activity Verification - Reduce False Alarms
Video verification is a game-changer in differentiating between signals that require dispatch and those that don't. By determining the presence of criminal activity, it significantly reduces false alarms.

Evidence for Investigation
If the need arises, video clips from an event can be handed over to law enforcement as evidence to verify criminal activity and support their ongoing investigations.

Compliance with Legislation
Visual verification plays a vital role in meeting the requirements of jurisdictions that demand confirmation before dispatching police to alarm systems. Stay compliant with the changing legislation with our video verification services.

Count on CRC to provide advanced video verification services that not only suppress false alarms but also offer the utmost security and reliability for your business and customers.

Individuals in need of living assistance or help during emergencies can greatly benefit from our Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) and its 24/7 monitoring services. At CRC, we offer the most reliable PERS monitoring service available. We are dedicated to delivering a fast, professional, and compassionate response for every signal we receive.

Who Benefits from PERS?
PERS and mobile PERS provide users with a true sense of freedom and safety. With just the push of a button, they can receive emergency assistance from CRC. This service is ideal for seniors who want to maintain their independence as they age, as well as for family members and professional caregivers seeking peace of mind. Additionally, it is an excellent option for security-conscious students, lone workers, and mobile workers who spend significant time alone.

Advanced Monitoring Technology
In the event of a medical emergency or safety threat, it is crucial for PERS dealers and their customers to know that their monitoring service will always be there for them. This is why CRC has invested heavily in achieving 100% redundancy, ensuring the safety and security of our customers. We regularly test our failover system to ensure that if a disaster impacts one monitoring center location, the other will seamlessly handle the calls at full capacity.

How Does PERS and mPERS Monitoring Help?
Professional monitoring adds an extra layer of protection for your customers' safety and peace of mind. Here at CRC, we prioritize best practices for PERS monitoring. Let us highlight some of the ways we excel in this field.

  • Protecting Property
    When EMS professionals are dispatched to a home, the first and most common issue they encounter is gaining entry without causing damage. To help with this, CRC keeps lock box and home entrance information on hand for emergency responders, reducing property damage during entry.
  • Peace of Mind
    Our PERS customers love to test their devices to ensure they will work when needed. This provides them with peace of mind and confidence in our services. In fact, our data shows that elderly individuals may avoid calling 911 to avoid causing a scene, even when they are critically injured.

We hope this information makes it easier to understand the capabilities and benefits of our PERS monitoring services. Rest assured that CRC is committed to your safety and security.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices connected through the internet that can send and receive data. The real power of IoT devices comes from their ability to operate wirelessly and be monitored and controlled remotely. IoT devices have diverse applications, including smart home and environmental monitoring, as well as vehicle crash detection monitoring. With the increasing availability of 5G network speeds, IoT devices have greater bandwidth to perform advanced functions.

You may be amazed to discover that Mobile Personal Emergency Systems  are not limited to seniors. It is also suitable for safety minded utility line crews, office staff, delivery personnel, and lone workers at risk for job-related injuries. These are just a few examples of potential candidates who can benefit from MPERS monitoring.

Environmental monitoring involves ensuring that temperatures, water, chemical, gas levels, and other environmental factors are maintained at desired levels. For instance, in an electric substation, it is essential to keep energized infrastructure at specific temperatures. However, manually checking can be time-consuming. CRC’s automation and monitoring system simplifies this process and more. It also ensures compliance with even the strictest regulations by documenting all the collected data.

At CRC, we provide monitoring services for a wide range of critical environmental and industrial processes. With us, failure is never an option and our reliable response is always prompt. Trust us to handle all your monitoring needs efficiently and securely.