CRC proudly holds the esteemed TMA Five Diamond Certification, which demonstrates our commitment to excellence through the following key areas:

Quality Assurance: We consistently meet the rigorous standards set by nationally recognized testing laboratories like UL, signifying our dedication to random inspections and strict quality criteria.

Customer Satisfaction: Our unwavering dedication to providing the highest level of customer service ensures that your needs are met with utmost care and professionalism.

Expertise and Training: We uphold our commitment to continuous improvement by ensuring that all our central station operators are 100% certified through the TMA online training series, guaranteeing their expertise in the field.

Industry Leadership: As active members of TMA, we play an integral role in shaping and elevating industry standards, actively participating in various events and initiatives.

False Dispatch Reduction: We employ advanced technologies and protocols to minimize false dispatches, enabling a more secure and efficient response system.

Count on CRC for unmatched excellence, customer satisfaction, and industry leadership backed by our Five Diamond Certification.


Being UL Listed adds a sense of security and trust to CRC's products and services. Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a reputable third-party safety inspection firm, ensures that CRC maintains corporate compliance, sustainability, transparency, and overall well-being in its business operations. With the UL brand associated only with reliable products and services, being UL Listed helps CRC communicate reliability and fosters a heightened level of consumer trust.