Call-Handling Solutions to Meet Your Needs: CRC Service Lines Explained
Call-Handling Solutions to Meet Your Needs: CRC Service Lines Explained

Many utilities use CRC as a one-stop shop when it comes to their call handling needs – consumer call handling and dispatching of outage calls. But some utilities with established staffing in place may not need a full-service solution. At CRC, you can choose the level of service your organization needs. Do you have in-house or on-call dispatchers in place and just need help answering incoming calls? No problem, CRC has a service solution to meet your needs. Check out the descriptions below of CRC’s three contact center service offerings.

Energy Dispatch
CRC’s energy dispatch services include the following features:

  • After-hours call handling
  • Daytime overflow call handling
  • Dispatchers manage after-hour outages (and daytime outages when requested)
  • Outage tickets are generated by live CSRs and automation
  • Seamless integration with exiting software systems

Customer Care
Our customer care services eliminate the dispatching component, partnering with utilities
to handle incoming consumer calls only.

  • After-hours customer care including daytime overflow
  • Utility always dispatches own crews

CRC’s overflow services assist with calls that can’t be completed at the utility, whether by
fail out from on-site automation or from busy lines.

  • Utility has in-house 24/7 customer service department and/or IVR
  • Utility always dispatches own crews

Call Handling 101
So what sort of call handling does CRC do for its members? Here is a basic breakdown:

Outage Call Handling

  • Customized handling—per utility instructions
  • CSRs can see latest updated status of outage
  • Live CSR and automated outage call processing
  • Key accounts flagged for special handling
  • Verify and update member data on every call

Non-Outage Calls

  • Disconnect for non-payment (DNP) calls (may include remote reconnect using AMI or prepaid meter management)
  • Provide current account information to consumers
  • Payment facilitation
  • CRC creates message ticket based upon call type
  • Message ticket for next-day follow up
  • Verify and update member data on every call

Dispatched Calls

  • Dedicated positions assigned to the function of dispatching crews
  • Knowledge of outage-ticket grouping using distribution system data
  • Crew check-in process to ensure safety
  • Complete restoral data which can include cause/equipment codes
  • Two-way radio or mobile phone communications
  • Comprehensive note taking and archiving of outage records

These bullet points only touch on the extent of the customer service options CRC provides. Intrigued? Contact one of our regional business managers to determine how CRC can meet your organization’s call handling needs.

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